Continuous Test Automation
for Web & Mobile Apps

Selenium & Appium based with extensive mobile devices & web browsers for quick results.
Helps you to manage your automation tests on one platform.


Appium and Selenium Based
Parallel Execution
Test Scheduling & Planning
Cross-Browser Testing
Cucumber, Gauge and Specflow


Create a project

Create a Project

Name Your Project and Select Test a Framework

Testinium has a built-in support for a mainstream programming language like Java and C#. It has the capability to run automated tests implemented by many test frameworks like Specflow, Cucumber, and Gauge. Setup your Selenium or Appium project by specifying this information and let Testinium execute your automated test for you.

Create a Scenario

Create a Scenario

Map Your Test Methods and Configure Them

Import your automated test scripts into Testinium. Specify system parameters to pass any scenario or define a timeout threshold for its execution. Edit your scenarios on Testinium's web editor in case you have no access to your workplace.

Create a Suite

Create a Suite

Select Scenarios and Environments to Run

Create test plans with different sets of test scenarios and execution environments. Start a smoke test plan to run every hour in Chrome Browser or another plan with a larger set of scenarios to run in Chrome, Firefox, IE in parallel. Test planning has never been easier; we promise you; no change in code.

And Monitor All Activity

And Monitor All Activity

Use Detailed Notification Dashboard and Reports

The most crucial part of test automation projects is; reporting. IT teams and business people's demand might be completely different. Everyday; new reports are generated for different runs. Don't get lost in these reports. Let us inform you about your test execution status with various notifications. Deep dive into reports and take a look at the screenshots of the execution or watch it as a whole.