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Infographic: Test Environment and Challenges Ahead

Nowadays, particularly following the dramatic increase in demand for test automation in the software industry, many challenges came along. The main reason for this is; insufficient and improper management of test environments. When companies start executing test automation projects without professional help, they encounter with problems related to the test environment, which entails the highest risk that will possibly lead to a failure in the whole test automation project. Let's explore this issue with the following infographic;

Infographic: Shift-Left Testing and the Testinium Effect

When it comes to shift-left testing; the thing that matters the most is; testing early. Implementing agile practices without the shift left approach may lead your software to lack quality or have a delay in its delivery. Check out this infographic to learn more about the shift-left testing approach and the Testinium effect.

What is Test Environment and Why Should It Be Planned Within the Software Lifecycle?

Test environment is a server environment where software is checked in terms of functionality and controlled that the business needs are met in terms of performance, as well as other various needs by the team developing the software before the software meets the end user. These changes may vary depending on the content and needs of the project and/or the methodology followed in the project. Recently, especially after the increase in the popularity of test automation in the market, it has become a common problem for companies. The main source of the reason for this problem that comes along with [...]

The Return of Investment of Test Automation

In today’s competitive business world, it is unavoidably important that the businesses have as much profit as possible out of what they have to sell. It’s like squeezing all the juice out of an orange to make the most amount of juice. But of course, this is expected as growth rate is important in the business world. The situation is not so different in software development businesses either. But of course, software development is mostly time variant more than any other business types because other parameters affect the processes minimally, and the latency to assert a totally new product or [...]

Acceptance Criteria Example Discussion in terms of Software Testing

Nowadays, software development teams prefer to follow an agile framework or set a frame, in respect of agile manifesto, for software development. In agile development, the most crucial thing is establishing useful and valuable success acceptance criteria for the team. In this article, I will try to argue the importance of the acceptance criteria in the point of view of a tester. I will go through on a simple example to make it clear to all. The User Story: The primary goal of using a story is about the working style of the human mindset. The human mind is working [...]

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Flaky Tests and How to Reduce them

In the last few decades, the tech world has been evolving with such an increasingly high rate. Due to this fact, even keeping up with the changes poses great challenges. Especially for software development and testing purposes, the changes are too risky to dismiss. With the booming mobile industry came the challenges of having an understanding of different mobile operating systems and being able to deal with them. With the blossoming of various browsers both for mobile devices and for computers rose the issues of changing mechanisms. Building scalable and configurable automated tests are crucial and require much more tedious [...]