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AWS Meetup #19- Web Tech. Stack with AWS

The 19th of AWS Meetup events; “Web Technology Stack with AWS” took place on Wednesday, May 23rd in Istanbul. Testinium test directors Canberk Akduygu, Şuayip Özmen and Tarık Fasun were present at this event and gave presentations about current issues in test automation.

The following topics were discussed at this meetup;

*How to open hundreds of EC2 instances in different regions in run time, how to manage these instances, how to register and how to associate them with the right users (runinstances service)

*The process of receiving and checking instance information in a certain region and type

*The closing of instances after a certain period of testing is completed

*How to operate with Instance Metadata and User Data that are launched in runtime

*How to allocate user-specific AWS elastic IP

*Association of allocated elastic IPs in runtime with instances that will be used in running tests and ensuring that these tests are run in these IPs

*Disassociating the instances that are associated with elastic IPs at the end of the test

*Releasing elastic IPs that are assigned to the user

*Checking CPU balance and usage information with Cloud-watch and shutting down critical instances

*Deleting indexes that are in elasticsearch at run time with Cloud-aws plugin after a certain period of time and importing them to S3. At the case of indexes being used, exporting them from S3 and indexing them to ES and offering them to the users

We hope that you enjoyed this meetup and hope to see you in future gatherings!

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