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Testinium Announces Support for iOS11 and Android 8

It’s that time of the year and here we are again, surrounded with mobile operating systems news. Apple recently announced their new devices; iPhone 8, iPhone 8S and iPhone X with iOS 11. Simultaneously, Google launched Android 8 operating system; Oreo which is specifically built for Google Pixel 2. 

Whenever a company announces a new release regarding an operating system, development teams work hard to ensure that the new updates don’t break their mobile apps.

Devices supporting iOS 11 are as follows:

In accordance with these news, Appium version 1.7 announced its support for iOS 11.

Devices supporting Android 8 will vary depending on mobile device manufacturers.

This means that testing efforts will increase exponentially as the number of devices tested increases.

As Testinium, we work with companies from various sectors ranging from e-commerce to finance and offer them test automation solutions for their mobile apps. We have to make sure that our clients’ mobile apps are tested with the latest release before they are sent to the App Store. Right after the recent updates, we have added a number of selected phones with latest mobile operating systems to our mobile device lab.

You’re welcome to test your app in iOS 11 and Android 8 with great features offered by Testinium.

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