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Testinium Clutch Reviews

Testinium’s Third Review on Clutch Garners Perfect 5-Star Rating

Another review, another perfect 5-star rating! That’s the kind of development services you get when you collaborate with a company like Testinium. Our team is full of capable and passionate individuals who are always looking for creative ways to tackle your challenges and provide amazing solutions that fit your needs.

This specific review is about an e-Commerce development project for a retail company. Our team provided support and consultations in order for the client to improve their CI/CD processes. Some of the main deliverables are as follows: provide resources for manual testing, help shape the client’s performance test environment, and measure the quality of their development processes. 


Here is quick overview of the whole review:  

For a more in-depth look at the outcomes of the project and the general feedback on the deliverables, Here Anil Gul, the CTO of the retail company:

The performance tests conducted with Testium helped us a lot to detect some bottlenecks in our platform. With a set of improvements, we've been able to increase the traffic during the Black Friday period.

There is a certain feeling of fulfillment when you were able to deliver solutions that significantly impacted the client’s business. This is what happened with this collaboration and best believe that our team is over the moon when our client informed us about the increase in their traffic during one of the most important eCommerce days of the year.

It is also undeniable that receiving such positive feedback and amazing reviews brings an awesome feeling for the team. We are very grateful to read these kind words and we are pretty overwhelmed all at the same time.

We would also like to emphasize that this was a collaborative effort between our team and the client’s team. These great results aren’t possible without the help and support that the client gave throughout the process. Having both teams working together towards a common goal has really propelled the success of this engagement.

On the other hand,

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Enjoy Testinium!


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