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Testinium Releases 4 New Advanced Features

Testinium assists QA teams in completing test automation management processes that include planning, execution, and reporting of their software testing projects.

In order to achieve success in your business and keep up with competition, it’s crucial to be fast in monitoring customer needs and updating your product according to the new demands. Companies need to continuously deliver high-quality web and mobile applications and overcome the challenges of today’s competitive market. We aim to help businesses in improving their product quality, updating it according to new demands and offering great digital experiences for their customers. For this reason, we have extended our innovative automated testing platform by adding the following features;

1. GitBlit to GitLab migration

Now Testinium offers support for GitLab which makes asset management much easier.

2. Web-Based IDE with intellisense (intelligent code completion) features for BDD

Now business users are able to collaborate more in test automation by using web-based BDD editor. They have full editor capabilities with the autocomplete feature where they get hints on which commands to use next. They build (generate, create) test automation scripts behind the scenes while documenting test cases. Productivity is now boosted!

3. Testinium Easy Connect; Secure Tunneling to staging environments

Testinium Easy Connect allows you to conduct automated tests for your web or mobile applications. It offers a secure connection between your firewall-protected product and our virtual test automation environment.

4. Supporting Test parameters – Data Driven Testing

Now it is possible to work on Testinium with DataProvider libraries. By having this feature, you will be able to execute your test case with more than one test data. Testinium will also report this execution aligned with the specific data so that you’ll be able to identify easily the problematic data that causes an error on your application under test.


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