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We are in ITEA Testomat Project

Eureka is an intergovernmental network which is a leading facilitator of innovation that offers a platform for international R&D collaboration. One of Eureka’s latest cluster programmes; the ITEA Testomat project enables a global community to come together to collaborate in a funded platform to establish new business opportunities and increase economic growth and society benefits.

We have been proudly selected to participate as one of the problem solver companies in the Testomat project. Testinium software teams will work diligently for a better future in the software business and aim to make a positive impact in software innovation.  

Rapid developments and changing advancements in the test automation sector raises the constant pressure on software teams to increase the development speed without sacrificing quality. Reliability and agility have become two main concerns that software teams always have to look out for. TESTOMAT project addresses the challenge to establish the right balance between the two opposing forces and aims to foster innovation that will lead to an advancement in the state-of-the-art test automation practices. The initiative is created to resolve the common problems that occur in the industry by innovating new types of support to test automation. The concluding remarks of the project will include Test Automation Improvement Model (TAIM) which will serve as a reference guide for best practices in the software test automation industry.

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