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General Information About Modanisa

Modanisa was founded in 2011 as an e-Commerce 

Head Office in Istanbul

300+ employees worldwide

A pioneering business since its inception, is at the helm of the burgeoning modest fashion sector. Launched in 2011, Modanisa is Turkey’s first online clothes portal and the world’s original modest fashion brand, generating global interest in the industry with its innovative Modest Fashion Week concept that made its debut in Istanbul in 2016.

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General Outlook is an e-commerce firm that operates in the modest clothing sector and sells products online to international clients. Modanisa chose to embed Testinium into their software testing life cycle process to improve their Continuous Integration (CI).

Each month, receives 15 million visitors and dispatches orders to customers in over 120 countries. The award-winning business currently supports 500 brands, which between them supply 45,000 products, ranging from casual wear to evening dresses, sports and swimwear, and accessories.

We now have constant feedback loop about the quality of our product thanks to Testinium. As a result, our agility in Continuous Delivery increased tremendously.
levent kurt
Levent KURT


It was quite challenging to optimize the risks for three different clients for an e-commerce website that delivers to more than 100 countries, uses more than eight different delivery types, accepts payments in 4 different currencies with eight different payment methods and supports more than ten languages. We had to work hard towards fast delivery and increase the success rate in shipments.

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Before starting, customer and our team worked closely to decide the process aiming to make risk management. For this reason, we began to use BDD to be close to product managers and business teams. It also let us see the features of the testable products. By Testinium’s unique support of BDD, we were able to reports the status of tests clearly by stating the failed steps.

The risk that we had to optimize for was too high as we are testing three different clients. For this reason, parallel test execution is implemented with the help of Testinium. We have increased the speed, agility of our tests and decreased the test duration to a great extent. During this optimization process, by providing the knowledge and experiences of all units to the tests, we made sure the tests were improved in every respect.

We created the structural testing processes within the software life cycle.

Our aim was to establish high testing standards and enable quality transformation for all our product teams. Testinium mentor teams helped us achieve our goals and improve our projects.
Software Development Manager,


As a result, we helped to gain information about their tests carried out and be able to execute risk management by observing how much risks they were taking. We created a testing process that supported the speed and frequency of our customer’s version releases to A+ level along with the version success rates. Finally, we decreased the costs of the failures as a consequence of the early testing processes.

As a result, they have achieved an automation process created with functional tests with easy to use automation code. Additionally, they avoided device cost by utilizing our real mobile device pool.

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Testinium started its journey in 2009 as an IT company, later specialized in software test automation solutions for mobile, web and desktop applications to ensure great digital experiences with the highest quality. Testinium is an advanced test automation product offered on cloud and on-premises deployment which utilizes Selenium and Appium libraries and is optimized for Mobile, Web and Desktop testing. Testinium offers an execution platform for your automated scripts with an extensive real mobile device farm and browser variation.

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