European Software Testing Awards
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Testinium is a Finalist in Four Distinct Categories at European Software Testing Awards 2021!

We are thrilled to announce that Testinium is a finalist in 4 distinct categories at the European Software Testing Awards 2021! We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this great accomplishment! Here are the finalists and their categories:

Leading Vendor

  • Testinium

The “Leading Vendor” will be awarded to the vendor who receives top marks for their product/service and customer service. 


For this category, the European Software Testing Awards judges are looking for:

• Evidence and evaluation of a commitment to high quality and standards to customers

• Commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement 

• Evidence of Value for money, reliability, flexibility and responsiveness to change 

• Proof of thought leadership and drive to excel in the Software Testing and QA industry.

Built on and 100% compatible with open source.

Best Overall Testing Project – Finance

  • Testinium in partnership with BtcTurk

The “Best Overall Testing Project – Finance” will be awarded to the most outstanding testing project in the finance sector. For this category, the European Software Testing Awards judges are looking for:

• Detailed Discussion of project goals, importance, achievements, resources and successful results. 

• Evidence of great vision, forward-thinking & working closely with stakeholders to deliver the project on time and within budget.

• Demonstration of a successful software testing project utilising a best practice method/technique 

• Evidence and evaluation of overcoming project challenges/obstacle.

Testing Manager of the Year

  • Testinium, Mehmet Parlak

The “Testing Manager of the Year” will be awarded to the most outstanding test manager or team leader over the last 12 months. For this category, the European Software Testing Awards judges are looking for:

• Demonstrate what they did to build, support, nurture, develop and motivate a team to become successful 

• Evidences that are both quantitative (measurable metrics or technical elements that show statically what has been achieved) and qualitative (feedback from the team, project stakeholders, senior’s organization leaders or customer/users). 

• Examples of procedures put in place to ensure high quality results.

• Evidence and evaluation of self-improvement and commitment to high.

Why Automated Testing

Even if development team tests the product they develop, it has always defects. Before the product is released , test engineers try to catch the defects but they often reappear even with the best manual testing processes. So Test Automation software is the perfect solution to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of your software testing.

Manual testing is prone to error because of testers are human. They are sitting in front of a computer or mobile devices carefully going through application screens, trying many usage and input combinations, comparing the results to the expected behavior, recording their observations and preparing a report.


Manual Testing

Automated Testing


Graduate Tester of the Year

  • Testinium, Mustafa Yılmaz

The “Graduate Tester of the Year” will be awarded to a recent graduate, who has completed university or an apprenticeship scheme in the last 2 years, who has shown outstanding commitment and development in the testing field. For this category, the European Software Testing Awards judges are looking for:

Graduate background, and why they joined the testing world 

Examples of challenges in the Journey and how they overcome those challenges

Evidences and evaluation of self-training and improvement 

Discussion of what graduate wants to do in the future and how they will contribute to the future of testing

We are very proud to earn these great achievements and we also would like to congratulate and wish luck to all the other finalists.