Testinium Live Testing (Mobile)

Say Goodbye to Your Device Lab

Nowadays, especially in this pandemic period, the biggest problem is that we cannot benefit from the devices in the device laboratory because we are not all in the office. Testinium Live Testing enables all of your teammates to use the same devices while in different locations.

All Company Devices Is In Different Places

Testinium LiveTesting allows you to reach and control smartphones from your browser. Smartphones come with multiple different operating systems. In addition, each operating system has different versions. It is quite difficult to have different smartphones with all these different operating systems. With Testinium Live Testing, you can take advantage of the power of both device types and operating system differences.

Live Testing is coming soon… 

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    We are really impressed by the quality of the product. The wonderful team effort of Testinium helped us to improve our project. With their professionalism, prompt response, courteous service and excellent automation solutions, we are able to test the product fully and improve our customer satisfaction. We look forward working with them on future projects.

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