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Testinium Device Farms provide a wide range of devices for testers without any provision. Device farm enables the testers/QAs to test performances of mobile applications and websites concurrently on different real time devices with different operating systems, manufactures and versions. 

You can run your automation and manual tests on Testinium Device Farm

Advantages of Device Farm

Depending on your application, there are different types of testing that can be automated. The most crucial types of automation testing:
Testinium Automated

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Testing With Device Farm

Testers can access Testinium Device Farm with remote control and interact with the devices and control them via gesturing, swiping, taking screenshots, running tests etc. This enables easy identification of problems occurring on different devices like battery consumption, missing elements and interruptions.

Using Testinium Test Automation with Device Farm

Test automation enables using built-in frameworks and test scripts. Along with the manual tests, device farms can be used with automated tests. By using automated tests with device farms, efficiency can be increased significantly.

Testinium Test Automation enables you to create your own automated test scenarios and scripts to run them with different real time devices and platforms you have selected. End-user interaction scan be simulated and tested this way and detailed reports will be available for you after each execution.

Importance of Device Farm

Real time device farms have a significant place in testing ecosystems since they have made testing processes more easy, fast and assumption-free.

It enables testers and QAs to run tests on a wide range of devices any where, any time. Device farms provide keeping up with the latest devices since there is always a newreleased device.

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