Testinium AI (Mobile)

Testinium AI, is a product that produces results by analyzing user motion logs generated by the end user and making inferences with machine learning. After the frequently repeating popular patterns are detected by data mining techniques, the detected flows are transformed into test automation scripts.

So What Do We Aim With This Application

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    Expectations from Testinium AI

    A Faster, More Scalable Test Strategy with Testinium​

    Innovative Aspects of the Testinium AI

    Thanks to Testinium AI, human workload in traditionally created manual and automation tests will be minimized and comprehensive and important test set scenarios will be automatically created. Thus, by analyzing user behavior data, repeating popular and hidden patterns will be found and test scenarios will be automatically created and classified.

    It is ensured that optimized test scenarios are obtained based on the determined patterns and the automatic generation of test scenario codes with this. The results of the test scenarios converted into codes are analyzed and various information is provided to the users. In this way, users achieve healthier results.

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