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Testinium Recorder aims to make anybody able to generate test automation scripts without any technical background, the user is simply performing the desired scenario on the target product with the help of a web browser extension.

Testinium Recorder advantage of the screen shots that it automatically receives and helps to create the end user scenario.

Additionally, the biggest difference of Testinium Recorder is that after the recording process user might edit the test scenario for example adding assertions, variables, or changing selector types or even values.

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    The testing services implemented by the team resulted in a 6% decrease in the client's technical bugs. Additionally, the testing services decreased third-party complaints by 50%. Quick and collaborative, Testinium's detailed and consistently high-quality work made them a valuable partner.
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    Testinium Recorder is even better if you consider running your test scenarios directly from the recorder on the Testinium.

    One account for Testinium and Testinium Recorder. You can use Testinium Recorder product with your existing Testinium account. 
    Testinium Suit

    Built on and 100% compatible with open source.

    You can save all the clicks you make with the mouse and all the characters entered on the keyboard.
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    The action types of the mouse information are displayed to you. Also, information such as “Locator” and “Locator Value” are displayed through this window.
    You can assign the test steps you have created to Projects on the Testinium product and then run these tests on Testinium. All recordings can be recorded in separate scenarios.
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    Automated Testing Can Yield Enormous Positive Outcomes

    You can make the necessary corrections and adjustments through Testinium Recorder’s web pages. You can also access your past records here.
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    Testinium Recorder creates the codes of all scenarios created from mouse records in the most used test languages such as Selenium Java, Cucumber, Gauge and Specflow for you.

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