Testinium Remote Driver

Run your Selenium tests on a scalable Selenium grid!

One of the best solutions to automate your tests written with Selenium is to use Selenium Grid.However, there are some difficulties about managing a local Selenium Grid. Because of Selenium Grid has some stability issues, maintaining new browsers and selenium versions over time.
testinium device lab
testinium remote driver
The performance tests conducted with Testium helped us a lot to detect some bottlenecks in our platform. With a set of improvements, we've been able to increase the traffic during the Black Friday period.
Anıl Gül N11
Anıl GÜL
CTO, n11.com

Advantages of Testinium Remote Driver

Using Testinium Remote Driver provides you a stable and scalable test environment. Easily integrate your Selenium Tests without any modification on your test scripts. Also, you are not dependent on just one software language. 

1. Seamless Integration with CI/CD Tools

You can easily run your selenium scripts on our platform by triggering from your CI/CD pipelines. Testinium has plugins many of common CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, Azure Devops etc. 

2. Real Mobile Devices

We are using only real devices to run Appium tests with a variety of devices including IOS and Android operation systems.

3. Reduce Your Execution Time

Running multiple parallel test at the same time can reduce total execution time.
testinium device lab

4. Detailing Reporting

Testinium provides test results with screenshots, videos and log files.

Testinium Tunnel

Testinium Tunnel allows you to run tests securely on internal dev and test environments without any network configuration. 

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