Guerrilla Testing: Quick and Effective Testing

Testinium Guerilla Testing can cover the all your needs for functional testing. It allows you to use the internal QA team for more complex topics like automation. 

What is Guerilla Testing?

Guerrilla Testing is for gathering feedback from user groups of 6-12 people for UI/UX design of the product. It is the easy and fast way to test your product, you just need a group of people and their observations to improve efficiency of the user interface.You just send the requirements and Testinium Guerilla arranges the rest!

The Fastest UI/UX Testing with Testinium Guerilla

Characteristics Of Guerilla Testing

Software tests have to be repeated often during development cycles to ensure product quality.  Automated software testing can reduce the time to run repetitive tests from days to hours.


Participants are not recruited instead public members are approached by conductors.


Sessions are short, generally around 10-15 minutes.


Output is qualitative rather than quantitative.
Our aim was to establish high testing standards and enable quality transformation for all our product teams. Testinium mentor teams helped us achieve our goals and improve our projects.
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Why Guerilla Testing

It is a great way of getting quick baseline for measuring user experience and possible usability issues that might happen in the future. Guerrilla Testing is:

Why Not Guerilla Testing

If you need a specific environment or users with specific skill-set then Guerrilla Testing may not be the best fit for you. In these situations, you can consider test automation tools like Testinium rather than usability tests.

When To Use Guerilla Testing?

To begin with, Guerrilla Testing is a good fit to see which parts of the product does UI/UX support and users ability to complete a journey of the design. It would not be a good fit for end-to-end processes that require a good amount of time.

Getting Started for Guerilla Testing

We have realized the risks after the structural test transformation and started managing effectively. We ensured that our product is being developed via a test-driven process
ömer uyar
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Automated Testing Can Yield Enormous Positive Outcomes

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