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Loadium is JMeter,Gatling, and Selenium based scalable load testing platform. Effortlessly within minutes run up to millions concurrent users in any location worldwide. Anywhere: On-premise,  public, private network or your own cloud(AZURE,AWS)

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Load testing with Loadium increases customer satisfaction and confidence in your apps. 

Compatible 100% with Apache JMeter

Use the most powerful open source load testing tool for load and stress testing.

Try HTTP Test

No idea what JMeter is? Use our HTTP request editor to create simple performance tests.

Dedicated IPs

Get your dedicated IPs from all over the world to simulate user load for your load tests when you work with security regulations.

Selenium Web Driver

Use your automated test scripts developed with Selenium for performance testing.
Loadium Load Testing

Network Simulation

Users may have different bandwidth and network types like Wifi, LTE, and etc. Simulate these conditions for your load tests with realistic loads.

Multi-Geo Load Generation

Rather than using just local data centers, generate load from different regions more realistic load tests.

Real Time Metrics

Monitor app performance during test runs by amazing reporting features with tabular or graphical data.

CI Support & APM

Shift left and integrate your performance tests into DevOps process with your favorite CI tool. Monitor app infrastructure with APM tools.

Built on and 100% compatible with open source.

Loadium Helps You to Make Better Products

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