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Join us on April 10 for our next Meetup: “Model-Based Testing”

"Don't write test cases. Generate them!" Join us as we will discuss Model-Based Testing emphasized on the following topics: What is Model-Based Testing? - An advanced testing methodology and allows us to automate the design and creation of the automated and manual test cases. - A model component that describes the functionality of the SUT at the level of action words. - A high-level action executable by the SUT, implemented with keywords. We will also elaborate on the following subjects: Introduction to model-based testing, Testing approaches, Benefits of MBT, Creating useful, flexible and powerful test suites. Don't forget to register in [...]

Join us on December 12 for our next meetup: “Testing with BDD and Automation with Gauge”

“Testing with BDD and Automation with Gauge” is a meetup and open space for software testing professionals who love learning new things about software testing! Join us as we discuss the hot topic of Agile Testing world; Behavior Driven Development (BDD) combined with Gauge which is a free open source test automation framework that enables creating tests that are easy to read and develop. Come to our next meetup to discover how you can automate BDD style using Gauge and enjoy networking while you have a snack and a drink provided to you by Testinium B.V.!

Testinium “Continuous Inspection of Code Quality: SonarQube” Meetup at Thoughtworks Office in London

Our new meetup at Thoughtworks office in London will show you how to use SonarQube with best practices to take control of the technical debt. In his talk, Test Architect Emre Dündar will introduce the open source platform SonarQube and demonstrate how to use it. Relevant issues regarding continuous inspection, software quality metrics, and DevOps pipeline will also be discussed in this meetup. Join Testinium team in London on November 13th at 06:00 pm for the presentation and stick around to enjoy networking, refreshments and snacks!

Testinium in partnership with ING Bank, is one of the finalists in “Best Functional Test Automation Project” of European Software Testing Awards 2018

We are proud to be selected as one of the finalists of "Best Functional Test Automation Project of the Year Award" in partnership with ING Bank, for the best implementation of a functional software testing project in 2018. As indicated by European Software Testing Awards judges, for the “Best Test Automation Project – Functional” category, they were looking for the best use of automation in a functional software testing project, a well-developed test suite of test scripts and clearly defined and verified project goals with stated achievements and successful results. Additionally, finalists were required to show evidence of overcoming project [...]

We are in ITEA Testomat Project

Eureka is an intergovernmental network which is a leading facilitator of innovation that offers a platform for international R&D collaboration. One of Eureka’s latest cluster programmes; the ITEA Testomat project enables a global community to come together to collaborate in a funded platform to establish new business opportunities and increase economic growth and society benefits. We have been proudly selected to participate as one of the problem solver companies in the Testomat project. Testinium software teams will work diligently for a better future in the software business and aim to make a positive impact in software innovation.   Rapid developments and [...]

iPhone XS & XS Max are now Ready for Testing in Testinium Device Farm

Cloud-based Testinium device farm with over 200+ real devices now offers support for iPhone XS and XS Max. You can now easily start mobile testing on our latest real devices without waiting any longer. We continue to bring you the most recent devices and mobile operating systems aligned with your continuous testing strategy. By implementing Testinium, you can be sure that you will always be one step ahead of the competition! To ensure mobile app quality and maintain high ratings on the Appstore, you should always make sure that your testing strategy involves testing on the most up-to-date devices. For [...]