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Testinium Announces First Funding Round Led by Logos Portfoy

Testinium, the leading software testing and quality assurance specialist of Turkey, has announced today that it has secured an equity investment of undisclosed amount from Logos Testinium VCF, a venture capital fund regulated by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey and managed by Logos Portfoy, a Turkish asset management company. The investment will support the company’s international expansion and the roll-out of its SaaS offerings, which feature AI-powered testing automation, load testing, and an engineering efficiency platform for SDLC.

Established in 2010, Testinium operates a service delivery platform which offers a comprehensive suite of quality engineering and testing solutions powered by AI technology and deploying engagement models tailored to the unique testing requirements of key industries. As Turkey’s largest software testing and quality assurance specialist, Testinium boasts a dominant domestic market share and cutting-edge technology, providing services to mid to large-sized companies in the financial services, e-commerce, airline, telecom, and automotive industries. Following its international foray, Testinium’s market reach is initially expected to cover the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, and the Gulf region.

Given the transformative impact of agile methodologies, DevOps practices, artificial intelligence, and test automation on software development and deployment, companies are actively seeking Testinium’s services to enhance their release cycle efficiency and to accelerate time-to-market. Testinium’s core competencies lie in its cutting-edge SaaS products in addition to in its capabilities in executing sophisticated transformation projects and addressing the potential business risks associated with software releases.

Melih Sakarya, Testinium’s founder & CEO: “We’re thrilled to have found an exceptional partner for growth in Logos. They are financial investors with strategic vision and support and have a track record in investing in technology. Their long-term financial commitment provides us with the foundation to accelerate the next phase of our expansion plan, enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to new customers”.

Melih Önder, Founder and General Manager of Logos, “We share Testinium’s vision of expansion through accelerated growth in the domestic market, venture into European / MENA markets, and the enhancement of their SaaS products. In an economic realm where technology is disrupting almost every industry, there is a need for new standards in quality assurance. Testinium’s excellent track record of delivery and product excellence sets them apart as a player on the verge of order-of-magnitude scale-up through global foray.”