European software testing awards 2022
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Testinium is a Finalist in Two Different Categories at European Software Testing Awards 2022!

We are thrilled to announce that Testinium has earned its place as a finalist in two categories at the European Software Testing Awards 2022!

The finalists from Testinium and their categories are listed below:

For the “Best Overall Testing Project – Finance” category, the European Software Testing Awards judges were looking for:

  • Detailed Discussion of project goals, importance, achievements, resources and successful results
  • Evidence of great vision, forward-thinking & working closely with stakeholders to deliver the project on time and within budget
  • Demonstration of a successful software testing project utilising a best practice method/technique
  •  Evidence and evaluation of overcoming project challenges/obstacles

For the “Graduate Tester of the Year” category, the European Software Testing Awards judges were looking for:

A recent graduate, who has completed university or an apprenticeship scheme in the last 2 years, who has shown outstanding commitment and development in the testing field. Judges will be looking for:

  • Graduate background, and why they joined the testing world
  • Examples of challenges in the Journey and how they overcome those challenges
  • Evidences and evaluation of self-training and improvement
  • Discussion of what graduate wants to do in the future and how they will contribute to the future of testing

We are honored to have earned this remarkable achievement, and we would like to congratulate all the other candidates!