What is Test Environment and Why Should It Be Planned Within the Software Lifecycle?

Test environment is a server environment where software is checked in terms of functionality and controlled that the business needs are met in terms of performance, as well as other various needs by the team developing the software before the software meets the end user. These changes may vary depending on the content and needs of the project and/or the methodology followed in the project. Recently, especially after the increase in the popularity of test automation in the market, it has become a common problem for companies. The main source of the reason for this problem that comes along with [...]

Acceptance Criteria Example Discussion in terms of Software Testing

Nowadays, software development teams prefer to follow an agile framework or set a frame, in respect of agile manifesto, for software development. In agile development, the most crucial thing is establishing useful and valuable success acceptance criteria for the team. In this article, I will try to argue the importance of the acceptance criteria in the point of view of a tester. I will go through on a simple example to make it clear to all. The User Story: The primary goal of using a story is about the working style of the human mindset. The human mind is working [...]

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Testinium Suite has Attended Agile Turkey Summit 2017

As Testinium Suite team, we took part in Agile Turkey Summit as one of the sponsors and had the chance to showcase our advanced test automation solutions as well as discuss hot topics in Agile World with the attendees. Thank you for joining us in this single day event to gather insights in Business Agility, Technical Agility and Organizational Agility. To learn more about Agile Turkey Summit click here.