Continuous Integration & Test Automation

It no longer comes as a surprise that it’s not easy to acquire and maintain customers for your software business. There are various things that you can adopt and implement to stay ahead of the competition. You need to first begin with; Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration.     Continuous Delivery is a necessary complement to Continuous Integration. Both have to be taken into account as equally important to succeed in your software journey. Customers are less tolerant than ever of bugs and they can easily switch to other competitors when your software product performs poorly. To stay competitive, you need [...]

Testinium Announces Support for Samsung S9 and S9+

Testinium Supports Samsung S9 and S9+ Our purpose is to make sure that our customers implement a successful test automation strategy and increase the quality and effectiveness of their mobile apps. For this reason, we ensure them to get access to the latest real devices in the mobile market as fast as possible and consequently enable them to continuously deliver great digital experiences to their users without any delay. Since our aim is to help you test your Android Apps on all the latest supported devices, Samsung S9 and S9+ are now available on our real device farm for mobile [...]

Testinium Chief Test Architect Canberk Akduygu will attend Appium Conf as a Keynote Speaker

Mobile testing and automation experts will meet at Appium Conf for a full day of gaining insight into strategies in test automation as well as making valuable connections with other specialists from around the world. Appium Conf 2018 will be held in London and it will feature inspiring and practical talks on a variety of topics such as Appium for Unity games and apps, GUI Automation Testing, P2P Communication Testing and more. Canberk Akduygu, Chief Test Architect of Testinium and Product Owner of Loadium is going to attend Appium Conf 2018 and will give a keynote speech about “Mobile Peer [...]

Testinium Chief Test Architect Canberk Akduygu, is attending Selenium Camp as a Keynote Speaker

Selenium Camp is the first international conference completely dedicated to Selenium/WebDriver. This year this leading test automation conference will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine on March 2-3rd which will include a full 2 days of conference talks and master classes running in parallel tracks. The topics that will be covered are; visual testing, scaling solutions and practices, test automation metrics and dashboards, reliable test infrastructure, testing of legacy systems, microservices, desktop and mobile applications and etc. Canberk Akduygu, our Chief Test Architect is going to give a keynote speech at Selenium Camp 2018 and will talk about “Mobile Peer 2 [...]

Fizy, Selected as one of “Top Apps of 2017” by Apple, Trusts Testinium to Assure its Quality!

Turkcell’s online music provider app Fizy, has been chosen as one of “Top Apps of 2017” by Apple! Containing millions of songs and videos, Fizy offers music lovers Turkey’s popular radio channels and hundreds of music lists with the highest quality of sound.   Testinium Quality Assurance Fizy offers more affordable options than its alternatives and it has gained great popularity as Apple Music and Spotify in Turkey. We as Testinium team, are supporting software testing processes of Fizy, which is currently available in Turkey and in Ukraine. As Fizy manual testing team, we are responsible for running regression tests [...]

Testinium Announces Support for Google Pixel 2

Testinium, today announces support for the new Google Pixel 2. We have also recently announced testing support for the newest Android mobile operating system named as; Android Oreo. Our aim is to ensure that our customers continuously deliver great mobile experiences and this latest announcement from Testinium reaffirms our commitment to this goal. We help our customers in improving and maintaining the quality of their mobile apps by enabling them to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, we offer them the quickest access to the latest Android updates and real devices. Google Pixel 2 is now available on our real device [...]

Testinium Announces Support for iPhone X

The new iPhone X is now available in our real device cloud for our mobile testing platform. You can start testing your mobile apps on the latest real devices without waiting any longer. It’s crucial to implement a continuous test automation strategy and enable your users to test their apps with the necessary number of real devices. Ensuring quality and higher ratings on the Appstore is only possible when your user experience runs smoothly. For this reason, our aim is to help you test your iOS apps not just on a few devices but on all supported devices as soon [...]

How to Enable Non-Technical Users to Plan Test Automation?

Test automation management is a major issue in all software projects. Especially when it comes to regression testing, manual testing becomes a burden to all team members. That’s why companies add Selenium or Appium based test automation to their quality pipeline. A general approach after test case implementation is to integrate tests with Continuous Integration in order to be able to arrange test runs with different configurations. These configurations include the main URL of the web app, parameters to be used in the scripts, frequency of test executions, etc… Different CI jobs need to be configured in this process. While [...]

Testinium Announces Support for iOS11 and Android 8

It’s that time of the year and here we are again, surrounded with mobile operating systems news. Apple recently announced their new devices; iPhone 8, iPhone 8S and iPhone X with iOS 11. Simultaneously, Google launched Android 8 operating system; Oreo which is specifically built for Google Pixel 2.  Whenever a company announces a new release regarding an operating system, development teams work hard to ensure that the new updates don’t break their mobile apps. Devices supporting iOS 11 are as follows: In accordance with these news, Appium version 1.7 announced its support for iOS 11. Devices supporting Android 8 [...]

Choosing the Right Device for Mobile Testing

As the number of mobile users surpassed the desktop users in 2014, companies started to pay more attention to mobile. Since then, the mobile market and the number of mobile applications grew exponentially and testing efforts for these applications increased as a consequence. Currently, there are two major operating systems dominating the mobile market. Android leads the market with 83% share, followed by iOS; 15%. Other operating systems such as Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc. are smaller players compared to Android and iOS. Apple users are very loyal to the brand, many update their mobile devices’ operating system right after its [...]