It's Time to Make Your Test Automated

Testinium helps you build your test automation process through open source tools (Selenium, Appium) for the seamless customer journey. Test Automation performs necessary and required testing procedures which would be difficult to perform manually without the accuracy of automated results. Thus, automated test management is critical to continuous software delivery.

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Test management helps businesses define software specifications and their impact on ROI. Cost-to-market, affected by time-to-market, along with business initiatives, are all enterprise revenue components placed in the hands of QA test teams. Automated testing must become integral to the entire software lifecycle.
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Test Early and Test Often

To use your automated testing efficient, testing should be started as early as possible and ran as often as needed. The earlier your test automation involved in the life cycle of the project the better; you can run more tests and you find more bugs. Automated unit testing can be implemented on day one and then you can gradually build your automated test suite. Bugs detected early are a lot cheaper to fix than those discovered later in production or deployment. With the shift left movement, developers and advanced testers are now empowered to build and run tests.

Start Test Automation and Shifting Left!

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There are a lot of automated testing tools on the market but the important one is the tool you choose meets your needs. Testinium Automated Testing Tools covers all your need.
It is often associated with automation software. Test management most commonly refers to the activity of managing a testing process.

Test data management is the process of managing the data necessary for fulfilling the needs of automated tests, as little as possible human intervention.

Testing on the maximum number of devices is crucial but it can be a huge investment and money. Test on the the right mobile devices with affordable prices.

Want a Hassle-Free Product Experience? Start here!

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Automated Testing Can Yield Enormous Positive Outcomes

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