Drive Efficiency of Test Data Management

Many development teams think testing is a bottleneck. Having a complete test data management solution gives test data engineers and testers the best of both worlds.

Biggest Test Data Management Challenges

Finding Test Data
- Tester
Up to 50%of the average tester's time is spent waiting for test data, looking for it or creating
The Result: Testing delays, increased software defects
Protecting Test Data
- Compliance
Over 90% of organizations believe that the GDPR impacts the way they collect, use and process personal data.
The Result: Hefty fines up to 4% of revenues or 20 Million Pounds
Improving Test Data
- Test Data Engineer
Production Data by itself lacks outliers needed for negative testing.
The Result: Incomplete testing, defects occur after software is released
Delivering Test Data
- Operations
70% all test data is still created manually
The Result: Incomplete test data, application delivery delays
Testinium Test Data Management automates one of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive problems in  continuous delivery  the creating, maintaining and provisioning of the test data needed to rigorously test evolving applications.

What Makes Testinium Superior to Others?

While testing methodology can vary, there is still a generic framework you can use to address the specific purpose of your performance tests – which is ensuring that everything will work properly in a variety of circumstances as well as identifying weaknesses.

Right Data Right Time

Testinium provides the right data at the right time before your teams won’t have to cut corners when they’re under pressure.

Reuse Stored Data

Store, track, share and use data again and again with test data warehousing.

Keep Compliance

Testinium allows you to get rich test data without the sensitive content with Test Data Manager’s synthetic data creation.
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The purpose of load testing is to evaluate the application’s performance under increasingly high numbers of users. Load or increasing numbers of users are applied to the application under test and the results are measured to validate the requirements are met

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