Garanti BBVA Testinium Agile Tranformation
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Garanti BBVA | Agile Testing Transformation & Gamified Testing Processes

In March 2020, Testinium began an Garanti BBVA Agile Testing Transformation Project in  collaboration with Garanti BBVA Technology.The project’s objectives were to improve product/code quality, provide a robust test pipeline, and facilitate the transition from enterprise to open-source solutions.

We encountered numerous obstacles throughout the project due to the teams’ unwilingness to participate, the fact that we had to work with a variety of different technologies, the fact that the project remotely from the start, and other remotely from the start, and other infrastructural issues.


However, thanks to the methods we have implemened, we have achieved significant improvements in both code quality and testing processes.Dozens of teams started to write unit tests and test automation. We have made testing and quality the main agenda items of the teams.

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